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There is no land in the world which keeps its culture, traditions, and religions so close to its heart like India. The South Asian nation is one such great example that is known for its powerful diversity. And that's probably one of the reasons, that it is called Incredible India. Not to forget that the motherland wears the crown of the oldest civilizations across the world.

If we rush back to when it all started, then we find ourselves towards the South from where the whole history took a turn. With every step towards the coming age, new settlements, civilizations, the country ran through ups and downs and finally addressed the coming of religions. Religions, which are like the air to the rather breathless culture. In no time India was given the tag of land many religions. Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism, the four most followed religions in the world began their journey in India. These religions stand apart when it comes to customs but still are practiced under one roof. And hence it is said that India has unity in diversity.

Counted as the 7th largest nation, India is valued as a destination which brims with heritage and a rich history. All of which, can be experienced by visiting its further divided land. On a journey here, one gets to experience the different aspects which make those attractions popular like food, architecture, art forms, the way of living, festivals and more. Ultimately, all of these threads connect to the distinct culture.

Encircling the gems of the nation and bringing forth a magical experience filled with luxury is the Maharajas' express, one of the best luxury train in the world. The seven luxury rail journeys offered by Maharajas' Express are a way to covers all the corners of the country while giving comfort and lavishness the utmost importance.

The way you love the feeling of being at home, these Indian luxury trains aims to build up the same warm aura. From the covering the epitome of true love, Taj Mahal, to reaching the pious grounds of Varanasi for the Ganga Aarti. The train then chugs down to the royal land of Rajasthan where cities like Jodhpur, Udaipur, Bikaner, and Jaipur await your presence with its world-famous delicacies, intricate architecture, handicrafts and more. And wait, as the state doesn't let you move ahead without tick marking your wildlife experience at Ranthambore, the land of Royal Bengal Tigers.

This is just a little peek inside the varied destinations of India which doesn't let it share its throne of uniqueness. The aroma of ittars (perfumes) and its lip-smacking cuisine pulls in travelers to the City of Tehzeeb (culture), Lucknow. As you leave behind Lucknow, a way to remember it is by taking its gold, silver and pottery handicrafts home. While you stretch a little here and there, Maharajas' Express overwhelms you with its world-class hospitality. Breakfast in Gwalior with poha and jalebi is the best way to relish the manifolds of its architecture. Khajuraho, with its authentic temples, then comes in and switches places with Ajanta for a tinge of Oriyan Architecture. Leaving the best for the last, India's own Jurassic Park at Balasinor.

There is so much more to discover, capture and open arms to, in India. The destinations that the Maharajas' express itineraries cover make you fall in love with India. These Indian luxury train tours are the best way to savor the sweet joys of the South Asian country.